Have you been asked to be a bridesmaid for one of your friends and this is the first time somebody is making such a proposal to you? Are you all excited and you didn’t think twice when you accepted the proposal? Well, GOOD LUCK. Once you accept, the hell comes on earth and eats you alive!

As soon as you accept being a bridesmaid, prepare being inundated with dozens of daily emails and texts about planning the bachelorette party,the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner and finally, the wedding.











At one point, you’re going to wonder if you actually know the bride. Maybe it’s the day she starts shopping for the wedding dress, maybe it’s on the day of the wedding, during the moment when you have to shove her up into her wedding dress just because she didn’t listen to you when you told her she should take a bigger size. Either way….you’ll see a completely new side of the bride, one you have never seen before!












The bride will really try to pick up a bridesmaid dress that is pretty and tasteful and that actually fits you. No matter how hard she tries, you’ll never wear that dress again!












You’ll have to attend dozens of parties, even though you thought you will just have to attend the bachelorette party and the wedding. You’ll attend the engagement party, you’ll attend a special party in which the bride wants to thank her future husband for entering her life, you’ll attend the bachelorette, a special surprise party for the bride, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner…and the wedding, at a minimum. Who knows who else in the family wants to surprise the bride and groom? Or just the bride….or just the groom.











You will discover a bachelorette party planning world you never knew existed. You probably used to make fun on the bachelorette survival kits, but you now badly need one!













You’ll unofficially be part of the decorations committee and you’ll have to DIY, even though you have never done it before. After all, who cares? There’s so much decorating that needs to be done (for the parties before the wedding, for the wedding and for anything else that the bride needs) that who cares? Shut up and decorate!













You might not have a date for the wedding, so the bride will choose just any groomsman who is available in order for you two to walk down the aisle. Well, sometimes the couple just might not go very well together…































The good news is that after your hard job is over and you’re done with the ceremony, the speeches and the dinner, you can actually have some fun!!!