You can make money by driving with Uber.
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There are so many different ways to make money from home and online these days but did you know that you can also make money by driving? Surely, everyone has heard of Uber by now. Uber is the company that pays people to drive other people around wherever they need to go. Not only this, but did you know you can get paid to refer people to Uber too? Yes, you heard that right! They pay referral bonuses to drivers for signing up other drivers and the new driver gets a signup bonus when first signing up.

According to Business Insider, one man by the name of Joseph Ziyaee drives with Uber but has only made a few rides for people. He hurt his foot and can’t drive around too much so he harnessed the power of referrals to make his bread and butter earnings. In fact, the report by Business Insider states that he made $20,000 during his very first month there and only drove someone once. Yep! He only drove someone once! He has made $90,000 in six months through the power of referrals he has signed up to also drive for Uber.

He is now the “King of Uber” but he didn’t used to be. In fact, Business Insider says a man by the name of Blake Jareds used to be the “King of Uber.” In fact, the report says that Jareds made a total of $50,000 just through referral credits. This was, of course, before his Uber account got suspended for posting his referral code on Reddit. Uber doesn’t allow their ‘rider’s’ to post their referral codes on forums, coupon sites, or anything similar to these type of sites. And one of the banned sites for referral codes is Reddit. Well, Jareds either didn’t read the memo that stated that or didn’t care. Why would anyone want to get their account suspended when making that much money? Well, he did and now Ziyaee is the new “King of Uber.”

Not only does Ziyaee make money from referrals but he can be called the “King of Uber” for making so much money and living, eating, sleeping, and breathing nothing but Uber. Ziyaee actually made his car into an “office on wheels” and decorated his apartment with nothing but Uber paraphernalia. This not only puts him in the mood to work since he works from home, and his car, but it also makes him look like a super Uber affiliate and looks better to those he talks to on FaceTime when signing up a new Ubder ‘rider.’

In fact, Ziyaee has literally “met” every person he has referred to the company. He has either met them in person, on FaceTime, or by telephone and a lot of them have become his friends.

But how does he make so much money in referral bonuses through Uber? He knows that Uber pays more for certain cities so he will find out which city Uber will pay out the most for and find people in that city to talk to about the business. And once he gets an interested party, he takes control of everything and helps them with everything. Literally everything they need to know about Uber, he can tell them. He walks them through the application form, asks them if they have any questions, tells them about the background checks and vehicle issues and literally holds their hand until they know exactly what they are doing and do everything he does.

He says the most important part of the process of signing someone up to Uber is to follow up with them. He says you need to make sure they are still going to sign up under you. Tell them all of the benefits of the business and explain anything that needs explained. Be there for them like you would a friend. This is how he ends up becoming friends with his referrals. Wow! He must have a lot of new friends then!

Would you try Uber to make money from home, or literally, from your car?