Medicine cabinet with prescription bottles
Medicine cabinet with prescription bottles

These days, it is very common to find doctors prescribing testosterone boosting drugs for those men who are experiencing problems on fatigue and low libido. However, FDA is warning medical practitioners against this practice. According to FDA, such drugs are not medically proven to be effective or safe in solving age related issues.

Furthermore, FDA states that testosterone boosting drugs like Spartagen XT are meant to resolve low testosterone level problems which result from injuries and not because of normal ageing process. In a study conducted at UCLA, there has been a link found between heart attacks and testosterone supplements. Results of the study showed that among 65 years old men and older taking testosterone boosting drugs, heart attack risks are doubled. This is within 90 days from the time the testosterone drugs were started. Even those below 65 years old with cardiac ailment history have tripled the risk of going into heart attack as well.

“There is little we know about testosterone boosting drugs”; cardiologist Dr. Steve Nissen said. “This is a giant experiment and what’s at stake is the American’s health. Currently, we have no data on these products’ safety”, he added.

The ads on testosterone boosting product are designed to make men want to buy the product to solve their problem; may it be mood, ageing or sexual drives”, Dr. Sidney Worfe said. However, according to FDA, the warnings on the heart risks brought about by testosterone drugs do not have enough evidence to support it.

In 1950’s, testosterone injections were approved for use for men with low testosterones or hypogonadism. Such disorder was caused by hormone related organs. However, the drug has been promoted these days to millions of healthy individuals who only have slight reduction in their testosterone levels. And FDA reiterated the fact that such drug does not have established safety or benefits.

Men’s testosterone normally declines starting the age of 40. However, some experts do not agree that such drop lower one’s bone density and energy. On top of that, testosterone levels fluctuate from time to time. And this can be caused by other factors like stress, environmental factors and sexual arousal.

FDA’s study on testosterone levels started in 2014. This is to rule out its relationship with heart attack, stroke and many other serious health issues. However, other studies conducted have something to do with longevity and testosterone replacement. Today, even healthy men are taking testosterone boosting drugs.