Have you received negative feedback on any of your products? If so, what did this do for your business? More often than not, too many businesses are after 5 star ratings and some even go as far as to buy fake reviews to get their 5 star product review. However, according to 1to1 Media, having all 5 star product reviews on any of your products can actually hurt your business? How though when a 5 star rating means it is a good product? A great one, in fact! Let’s dig deeper into why having all 5 star product reviews on every product you have is not as important for your business like you think it is and can actually hurt your business.

As stated above, 1to1 Media recently did an interview with Theresa O’Neil, who is the senior vice president of Power Reviews. She stated that having all 5 star reviews on your products can hurt your business because when trying to sell products and people come across a product that does not have even one negative review or has lower star ratings can make that product seem too good to be true to the buyer.

You don't want all 5 stars on every product.
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And, if you think about it; this makes a whole lot of perfect sense. Why does it make sense? It makes perfect sense because you don’t want to see a product with ALL 5 star ratings. You don’t want to see something that has not one even flaw on it when you know nothing in this world is perfect.

O’Neil further explained that many buyers usually purchase a product faster if the star rating is in-between 4.2 and 4.5. Like mentioned, nothing in this world is perfect and if you find a product that has literally nothing wrong with it ever, then great! However, this doesn’t happen too often because we are only human beings and cannot make everything absolutely perfect no matter how hard we try to.

Another good thing about receiving a negative review is that this opens up more communication between the seller and the buyer. When in business you need to learn how to take criticism and go with it. Once you receive anything lower than 5 stars on any of your products, you should ask the customer what their experience was with the product. Ask them if there is of any more assistance you can do for them. Provide them with your direct phone number for customer support so that someone there can figure out what the problem was with the product. You can even offer them something for free or at a discounted price to make them happy. Remember, the customer is always right and you need to make sure they are 100 percent satisfied.

For these reasons, don’t be tempted to remove negative reviews. Fix the problem in any way you can to make the customer happy. Let them know you are a real person and you will do whatever you can to ensure their 100 percent satisfaction.

You also don't want to buy fake reviews.
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And, whatever you do, don’t buy fake reviews just to make your product look perfect. You are only hurting yourself and your business. Spend the money on making your business better in a more positive way instead of paying people to say great things about your business.

You can also ask for testimonials from customers and put them on your website. Tell them to be completely honest about your product. When a customer sees one or two lower star ratings among the many 5 star ratings, they will be more likely to buy something from you because they will realize you are a real business and you are not trying to be fake about anything.