HTC is in partnership with one of the successful computer video games company Valve, and as a result it is going to produce and sell virtual reality headsets, to improve the gaming user experience.


The virtual reality headset will be connected to the HTC vive product wirelessly. With this connection, users can play the video games on the device in a virtual world. Players will be able to move around the room and play as if it was a real life experience.


The first release of the product will be its test version to software developers, and the real release for all customers will be on a later date this year.


Morpheus Virtual Reality headset produced by Sony, and Oculus Rift produced by Facebook, is about to get a new competitor in the market – that is  HTC virtual reality headset.


This new VR headset by HTC will create a sense of belonging to the users while playing video games, the three dimensional picture of the game will be viewed by the player, bringing a true sense of reality.


It is obvious that HTC is now diversifying from the production of just mobile phones, as it ventures into the manufacturing of other electronic gadgets.


HTC Vive, together with the Virtual Reality Headset will be displayed at the Game Developers Conference on Wednesday in San Francisco by Valve.


The new VR device contains over 70 sensors for real time interactivity, with a high definition screen, a 90 frames per second rate of video display – this will provide an amazing experience in gaming.


Peter Chou, the chief executive officer of HTC said that ” it is rare that a company has an opportunity to forever transform the ways in which people interact with the world and communicate with each other”

Image:By Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons