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According to, 64% of today’s consuming public opts for a company that presents their products and services through a video presentation. Hence, there is no wonder why video marketing has been considered the latest trend for companies to get the attention of their prospects.

“A video plays an essential part of a brand, even for clients who want to express their loyalty to the product”, Natcom’s Marketing and Strategic Development Marketing Director Marion Marvil said.

It has been proven that video marketing is an effective technique to publicize a product. In fact, according to Marion Marvil, this is effective across multiple platform of a marketer’s arsenal. This can be used to inform, sell, evoke emotion, entertain or share beliefs. “It creates a lasting impression to viewers since it appeals to both sound and sight”, Marion added.

Today, videos are used as a secret weapon by many entrepreneurs in all sizes of businesses. In fact, this has been used online and offline for many years now. It shows to be effective when employed for public relations, advertising, trade shows, social media, training purposes, education, human resources and other purposes. In fact, video marketing has been given a lot of importance in the business world that Marion considers any communications or marketing futile without mixing videos in the presentation.

Adelie Studios also mentioned why video is an integral part in marketing. According to Adelie Studios, shared videos actually came from 92% of mobile video viewers. And as per MarketingProfs, 70% of marketing professionals confirmed that there are more video converts compared to other medium. Emails that are sent with videos have 200%-300% click through rate as per Forrester. And according to Mist Media, 88% of online visitors spend more time watching video in their entire time spent online. And lastly, Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester stated that there are around 1.8 million words conveyed by a 1 minute video. Hence, this allows businessmen to impart a lot of messages to their prospect without getting so much of their time.

With all these being said, it wouldn’t be a wonder why video marketing has been the leading marketing method used in majority of today’s traders.  And the good news is, this is not only available to multi-billion industries but is equally available for small Local Business Marketing purposes. And as long as you do well in your video presentation, you don’t only inform viewers about your product but you have entertained them as well. And for that you will be favorably rewarded in return.