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Video games have now been used as one of the most common source of entertainment in world today. Though it started as a 2 dimensional video game, it has now transformed to an action packed amusement as it enters the 3-D world. With more complex designs, it requires skills and strategies to meet the challenge of the game. No wonder why even adults get hooked to this addictive form of entertainment. And it seems that all players will do anything to end up triumphant in their gaming competition and that’s why video game cheats came about.

“I have been using Boom Beach hacks since the day I have discovered it.  After all the effort I exerted in this game, I just realized that I can never get the number of gems I need to win the game if I play it cleanly. The gems I acquire just run out too quickly. But this is no longer an issue. With Boom Beach Hacks, I can access more gems and even enjoy playing this game for free”, Mark Sullivan said; one avid player of Boom Beach.

Video game cheats are “short cuts” to win in the game. Surprisingly, makers of these games allow the use of cheat codes at certain point in their marketing strategies. These types of entertainment evolved from one generation to another and they offer endless possibilities. To counter boredom and make the game more exciting, cheat codes have been used as video game staple nowadays.

Game cheats are combined keys or some sort of a password which creates a chain of events to happen. These codes can be employed to change surroundings, for additional ammunitions, strengthen the power of the character and even enhance game functions. Hence, when players find it hard to overcome the challenges of the game, cheat codes are used as escape routes to get rid of a difficult situation.

Cheats can be employed as cheat devices, software or hardware that allows players to enter cheat codes. And it is very useful in changing the contents of the game, turning everything in favor of the player. Today, millions of video game players are taking advantage of cheat codes. And though some are illegal hacks, many of them have the permission of video game manufacturers themselves. Hence, for now, video games are not just a form of entertainment but used to get ahead of one’s opponent and to enjoy the victory of getting ahead of the other players, even if it means cheating in the game.