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In 2015, electronic cigarette industry boomed to $3.5 billion dollars. This means it has doubled since last 2013 which is only $1.7 billion; a statistics provided by Bonnie Herzon of Wells Fargo Securities senior tobacco and beverage analyst.

Electronic cigarettes were introduced to the public in 2004. And since then, it has made its own name and reputation. Vaping is a common thing for people who want to quit smoking. However, even curious nonsmokers have significant contribution to the growth of this industry.

Vaping or using e-cigarette is done through inhalation of water vapor. It creates the vapor as its battery heats the liquid, turning it to an inhalable vapor. The difference of this from a traditional cigarette is that it does not create a secondhand smoke. And the use of flavored liquids and nicotine will not make the user feel high unless one is using marijuana infused liquids.

“I managed to get rid of my nicotine habit through vaping”, Alexandria Kapitanskaya from Washington D.C. said.  “I used to consume half pack per day. But now, vaping only serves as my hobby”, she added.

Today, Alexandria invites friends over to vape. And she find this a healthful alternative to smoking, doesn’t make them cough with absence of smell. “With a glass of wine and e-cigarette, we always have fun times”, she added.

Vaporizers costs $50-$200. And if you are lucky to find the best deal, you may end up buying the best vaporizers at very favorable prices. “It offers me great savings. In fact, I only spend $15 a month for vaping”, Alexandria declared.

“Majority of people who tried using e-cigarette did this out of curiosity, and this applies for both smokers and non-smokers”, Greg Conley, the President of American Vaping Association said.

“Consumer awareness are encouraged in every vaping product plus vaping technology has been innovated over these years”, he added.

Erik Miller from Washington D.C. took vaping more seriously by creating a shop that hosts book signing and movie nights where anyone can socialize and vape.

There are small businesses who want to invest on vape liquids and vaporizers. However, FDA regulatory law on cigarettes and tobacco stand in their way of doing business since application and approval of such industry comes with a cost that they can’t afford.

However, previous smokers patronize what’s available in the market. And they do this not to give in to their crave for nicotine but just to have fun with their friends.