The pacific island of Vanuatu has been destroyed by a cyclone called tropical Cyclone Pam, bringing upon them high wind and torrents of rain about 185 miles per hour. This disastrous incidence occurred on Saturday, dropping down buildings and electric power lines all around the country, so far eight persons have been confirmed dead and the rescue operation is still in progress. However, there was a complaint raised by rescuers of not being able to  intact those in Archipelago.

vanuatu cyclone pam


“I stand to appeal on behalf of the government and the people to give a helping hand in this disaster.” this was said by the President of Vanuatu Baldwin Lonsdale in response to the disaster. He also said that Cyclone Pam wrecked many hospitals and schools leaving many without a home.

Relief materials have been brought into the country from New Zealand and Australian government still promising to support them with some money as well.

Colin Collet van Rooyen, the director of Oxfam Country said – “Local residents say they have never experienced anything like this. Vanuatu has a cyclone season, but local residents say they have never experienced anything like this”. He also said that “the scale of this disaster is unprecedented in this country and the proud people of Vanuatu are going to need a lot of help to rebuild their homes and their lives”.

Surprisingly, terrible cyclones like this might become frequent in Vanuatu, a pacific nation believed to be prone to climate alterations. However, scientists cautioned everyone not to conclude and hence ascribe single weather events to climate change. The government of Australia weather forecast reveals that cyclones for the Vanuatu Region will be more intensive.