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DIY has been a trend today and sometimes, it even goes beyond its intended boundaries. In fact, many households feel that regular vacuuming will suffice for their carpet cleaning needs. But seriously, according to experts, this does not count as a carpet cleaning at all.

While cleanliness must always be our number one priority at home, some people think that that they can maintain their carpet’s cleanliness on their own. But monthly vacuuming to remove dust and blot stains will never be enough. In fact, carpet companies will require professional carpet steam cleaning done every 12-24 months for its warranty to be valid. This simply means DIY carpet vacuuming and steaming will not suffice. After all, your carpet’s cleanliness is not just to improve your home’s aesthetics. It must also promote your family’s good health.

“Do you know that air inside your home can be ten times worse than outdoor air?”, Robin Wilson; allergy-free housekeeping specialist warned.  “Neglecting to clean your drapes and flooring and failing to let outdoor air flow inside your home regularly will surely make your home’s environment worse”, he added. Indoor allergies significantly affect the quality of lives of millions Americans. And keeping your carpet clean is one great cleaning aspect that you need to do well.

For instance, if you reside in California, how often do you need to call a Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning then? Carolyn Forte; Good Housekeeping Research Institute said; “professional carpet cleaners must be called every 12-18 months. The frequency of cleaning is stipulated on your carpet’s warranty for specifics.

“Professional carpet steaming has to be done every 6 months or 4-6 weeks in the presence of pets at home”, Wilson said. Hence, it simply means that professional carpet cleaning may be hired more often than you expected.

Steaming can lift dust from the carpets according to Wilson. However, there is danger in doing it on your own. “Only professional machines can completely remove the steam’s moisture from your carpet after finishing up with your carpet cleaning task. And if you do carpet steaming on your own, Wilson said what can possibly happen, “Your house will be a good avenue for mold growth”.

However, vacuuming must also receive the credits it deserves. “Weekly vacuuming is essential to remove abrasive dust particles from carpets”, Marry Maids said, training manager from Debra Johnson. So don’t stop vacuuming your caret regularly. But to keep your family healthy, you need to hire professional carpet cleaners too.