Drones, otherwise known as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) are finally allowed for commercial and private use. This is good news for people who have always wanted to fly UAV’s but skeptics sensed some disadvantages if everyone will be allowed of its use.

“We have always wanted to employ drones to take aerial footage and get better pictures from the top.” Carlos Loaiza stated. Carlos, together with his brother Sergio is running a photography business in Greenville. Hence, when Federal Aviation Authority offered 497 exceptions to fly drones for commercial purposes, Carlos and Sergio felt elated.

“It can be hard to identify the distinction between a hobby and commercial use of drones” said Jason; one of those who are skeptic about the use of this mini-aircraft on air. “This may mean invading the privacy of others. Now that you can buy drones online, it is not surprising to know that its users will be increasing their numbers. In fact, some are using such device to take a selfie. But this can also be used to spy neighbors and can take illegal pictures on some private properties”, he further stated.

Originally, these miniature aircrafts are deployed for special operation applications or military operation purposes. Their function used to only be limited to missions that are too risky for manned aircrafts. And since these are remotely piloted aircrafts; they are the best option for dangerous areal missions.

Now, Federal Aviation Administration users regulate the use of drones. One must have a Certificate of Authorization to use it for non-recreational purposes. Various states follow their own regulation on its use too. If this be employed for commercial use, one has to secure a petition for an exemption (Section 333).

Today, many people buy drone other than just for commercial purposes. “This is better than my remote controlled airplane since I can take videos and pictures through it”, Michael Brown; a drone user said.  “It’s my best option to keep watch of my private property”, Anne stated; another user of drone.

Today, drones have attracted many in the market. This is now sold in different models like phantom 3 professional, phantom 3 professional drone bundle and many others. In fact, they are hitting the market just like cellular phones, tablets and other gadgets!

Drones are now used in schools to detect cheating during exams, have updated photography to a higher level and have offered a lot of benefits to its users and to many, this is what matters most.