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“Sky is the limit”; this can be the theme of the Interior Department’s bathroom remodeling in 2007. After all, it has spent to as much as $222,000 in renovating one of its bathrooms, specifically the one located at the interior secretary’s office.

The said construction job was done under the administration of Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne and George W. Bush. They spent $26,000 to the cabinetry, $1,500 to the wall panels, $65 to its vintage tissue holder, $689 for the faucet and $3,500 for the refrigerator. However, such extravagant move was not left unnoticed that it caught the attention of the Internal Revenue came 2009.

“The highlight of such investigation was when the luxurious materials used are brought up into question”’ wrote the government’s auditors in their 2009 report. However, according to the Interior Department officials, such renovation is a must considering the need to replace their leaking faucets.

But this is what David Williams; Taxpayers Protection Alliance president said; “The country is broke and taxpayers cannot afford to remodel any bathroom that does not need to be renovated”.

Furthermore, bathroom renovations don’t need to be very expensive. Accessories for instance are just add –ons to the basic bathroom fixtures needed. Instead of buying lavish items, you can buy from thrift stores or dollar stores that offer great savings.

You may also hire reliable bathroom renovation services like Grand Bathroom Renovations. However, if you want to save on your labor, a DIY project will greatly reduce the cost of the project. However, you will have to dig and get dirty along the process. But for some, the experience is worth all their effort.

When shopping for a tile, do it at your major tile shop. If you are lucky, you may stumble upon a discount tile shop that offers a deep dollar clearance lots. In fact, a $12.99/sqft tile can be bought at only $3/sqft tile if you only know where to look.

The hardware can take a toll on your renovation’s cost too. But you can always find a bargain from eBay and other similar stores. Of course, the paint plays a major factor in improving the bathroom’s aesthetics. However, painting your bathroom from ceiling to wall can be very expensive. Hence, you must also find a way to cut this part of your expenses.

Of course everyone has the option to remodel one’s bathroom according to one’s personal preference. But if this will cost the taxpayer’s money then thrift must be practiced all throughout the project.