Weddings are the most awaited time in any person’s life. Though many people have been married more than once, such event is still considered a once in a life time opportunity. Hence, a lot of couples wanted to celebrate such occasion in a unique but interesting way. Some perform their wedding ceremony soaring through the wind during sky diving. Others exchange their vows underwater wearing scuba diving gears. Regardless of how you do your wedding ceremony, what matters most is that you are happy. Here are other unique weddings recorded in history:

  1. A  reception held at MacDonald’s with the bride still wearing her wedding gown

Fast food chains are our usual venue for casual gatherings but never have I heard that this can also be a place to hold a wedding reception. Well, the bride said her favorite food is in McDonalds. Hence, they decided to hold their reception here.

  1. A Star Trek wedding in Excel Centre.

This is inspired by Star:Trek Deep Space Nine episode where Klington marries Jadzia Dax. The coupled travelled so far to get to Excel Centre and marry there. Well, as long as they are happy with what they are doing then let them be.

  1. Exchanging vows on the top of Empire State Building

Empire State Building is one of the world’s famous tourist spot but never have I imagined that someone will exchange vows there.

  1. Being married by a robot in Japan.

Well, it may sound odd to be married by a robot. Well, that’s what technology can do.

  1. Jet pack wedding ceremony

Sounds like an adventurous wedding ceremony.

  1. Getting married right after joining a long run

Well, this couple must have run so fast to get on time for their wedding schedule.

  1. Standing on top of the wings of 2 planes in 1000 feet above the ground

Quite scary Huh? But not for the couple who exchanged vows while tied on an airplane’s wings.

  1. Wedding on a hot air balloons

Wedding can really be hot, especially when it is in a hot air balloon.

  1. Mass wedding during valentine’s day

This is very common in the Philippines.

10. Wearing football attire instead of wedding gown

This couple must seriously be a football fanatic.

But here’s one unique one; a dog serving as a ring bearer. Well, didn’t know that a dog can now be part of a wedding ceremony. In fact as a ring bearer, this dog needs to join the shoot. But dogs are dogs even you find them perfecting a skill in one time. They roll around, become such a headache and can’t behave as normal people do. And this couple should have known this from the start.