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White House warns companies and individuals in China who try to get access of the country’s trade secrets through cyber hacking.  U.S. will soon resolve this issue by imposing sanctions against those guilty of such criminal acts.

Washington Post reported that some Obama determined to create sanctions in the next two weeks to stop cyber hacking of the country’s confidential records. Chinese hackers are suspected to be behind the series of data breaches on the nation’s private data com promising the relationship between the 2 powerful nations. One massive hacking done includes the 4.2 million personnel records involving the past and current government workers. However, China denied involvement to any of these malicious acts.

According to the U.S. cyber analysts and government officials, Chinese hackers employ cutting edge techniques to create enormous database for traditional espionage like spy recruitment or secured data access.

A senior administrator under Obama’s administration said; “we are doing comprehensive process to confront these actors. And we are looking to all possible options on how to respond to these threats in our own frame, employing the process according to our preference”.

President Xi Jinping will be visiting United States in the next few months. But this does not stop government officials from protecting the country from Chinese Cyber Hackers. This is their way of saying; “enough is enough”.