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Two weeks ago, two South Korean soldiers were seriously injured in a demilitarized zone due to landmines. South Korea strongly believes that these mines were intentionally planted by the North; an allegation that was strongly denied by Pyongyang. This resulted to exchange fire between South and North Korea on their border last Thursday, according to the South Korean Defense Ministry.

“We spotted a projectile, appearing to be a “small rocket” coming from the North moving towards the western province of Gyeonggi”, the South Korean Defense Ministry said. In response, they fired a few dozen shells where the projectile “small rocket” came from.

But to South Korea, firing back is not enough. Seoul pledged a tough response to North Korea’s land mine planting. They send their propaganda messages through a deafening huge speakers set on the border. This made the North even furious and treated such action as a declaration of war. Hence, they warned on blowing the speakers and taking action against indiscriminate strikes.

However, North Korea has initiated the propaganda broadcast last Monday to send messages across the border to cancel the South’s military exercises with the US as well as other countries. This exercise led by the 2 countries (South Korea and U.S.) was designed to ensure stability on the Peninsula of Korea. But to Pyongyang, this drill signifies a prelude to invasion. However, according to South Korean Defense Ministry, North’s loud speaker can hardly be heard on their end.

Take note that this is not the first time the two sides exchanged fires. In November 2010, North Korea attacked an island adjacent to the maritime border resulting to the death of two South Korean marines.