Turkey banned all social networks, YouTube, and more than 160 other websites because of the controversial pictures of the late Mehmet Selim Kiraz, the prosecutor killed last week. Google could be banned too.



If Google doesn’t remove the links to the images and the video of the Turkish prosecutor being held hostage, with a gun pointed to his head, Turkey will ban the popular search engine. Google removed the problematic links, of the last week’s incident when two terrorist took Kiraz hostage and eventually shot him dead. Both terrorist were killed in the rescue action of the Turkish police. Turkey is doing everything in its power to stop the pictures from circulating online.

Google followed in the footsteps of the large social networks, which removed the links to the images from their servers, and were allowed back in Turkey. Official Istanbul has harshly criticized the media that used the controversial picture with the terrorist attack article, accusing the journalist and editors of providing media space for the terrorist propaganda.


The terrorist attack in Istanbul was conducted by the terrorist belonging to DHKP-C organization, recognized as a terrorist group not only by Turkey, but by the European Union and the United States of America.