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Moving can be such a pain especially if you end up with a dishonest mover who thinks one can rule over you after they have packed all your things in their truck. There are reports on unscrupulous movers charging clients extra cash, putting one’s stuff on hold for a very long time and even threatens customers just to force them to pay more cash. However, such can never be the case these days. Now, any moving company that charges more than what was agreed on can be penalized to at least $10,000 dollars. Such law was signed by President Obama in July 2012 and is effective up to these days.

The Wall Street Journal sites a survey that was made in which 38% of the respondents admitted that they were victims of unscrupulous movers at certain times of their lives. The most common complaints are stolen items and many were collected fees exorbitantly. This has been a major problem in the past before the law against unscrupulous movers was made.

“We received around 2,851 complaints which relates to moving companies in 2011 and this has increased 17% more in the year that followed”, said the Federal Motor Safety Administration. Even the Better Business Bureau was not exempted from receiving similar complaints. In 2011 alone, they also received 9,000 complaints relating to moving companies.

The complaints even got worse. In fact a woman in Washington relayed her horrible experience with the moving company that she hired; “After my things were packed on the truck, the moving company held them hostage. I was threatened to pay additional thousands of dollar to be able to claim them back”.

Another tragic story came from a woman in New Jersey. “The moving fee was jacked up and I was offered a discount only if I sleep with them”.

A man from New Jersey reported to USA Today that he needs to pay extra hundreds of dollars for his things to be delivered when the delivery date was cancelled for 2 days because he was admitted to the hospital.

If you find yourself in any of these awful situations, know that you can turn to a law that will penalize your moving company, giving you a fair share of justice. However, any of these won’t happen if you have chosen the right moving company right from the start. When in San Jose for instance, you can choose San Jose based FairpriceMover to transport your things for you.