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Having problems with blind spots while pulling a caravan or trailer down the road? Well, with Land Rover’s transparent trailer technology, drivers can now see the rear road clearly and have confidence that one’s cargo is safe. Check out this car preview of the new Land Rover and see why trailers become invisible on its rear.

This works through four camera systems. Two of them are placed on the side mirrors, another one on the rear view mirror and the fourth one is on the trailer. The car is equipped with a computer with combined images showing an obstruction-free video. Meaning, no trailer is seen at the rear of the car, only the road and the car behind them, ensuring a safety travel. Hence, the trailer behind the Land Rover will appear invisible due to the placement of these cameras.

“The invention of this “transparent trailer” technology makes it easier to tow trailers without any blind spot issue. This is very common as drivers need to check mirrors to know if the road is clear”, Dr. Wolfgang Epple said; director of the company’s research and technology.

“With our transparent trailer project, the driver will have an unrestricted view of the road, despite the presence of trailer, regardless of its shape and size. With our prototype system, one can enjoy using a high quality video with no obstruction of other cars. Hence, the driver will have all the information that he needs, helping him take effective and safe decisions as he manoeuver the vehicle. This makes driving less stressful too”, Dr. Wolfgang added. With this feature, the driver of the Land Rover will find it easy to overtake.

Apart from a transparent trailer, Land Rover also offers a cargo sense feature for the driver to monitor his animal on the trailer while on transit. Employing pressure sensors, this feature will check the load, analyze temperature inside the trailer and ensure that the temperature will keep the animal comfortable throughout the travel. An alert system is also designed to inform the driver if the animal in the trailer is unstable and if the trailer happened to be tampered. Hence, throughout the travel, the driver will be aware through the dashboard regarding the condition of one’s cargo so proper intervention can be done before it gets serious.

On top of all these features, the driver of this car can also check on his cargo via phone app. This sends video feed to the owner’s phone to make sure that everything has been taken cared of.