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Your life’s savings can mean the most to you. But the present harsh economic environment poses great threat to your financial assets. For this reason, some people look for other saving alternative which is better than stocks and currency. And many are finding security on an asset that is less likely affected by the world’s financial crisis; the physical gold.

“In 1997, the congress has created another type of IRA wherein investors can own silver, gold, palladium and platinum. Hence, they have other option other than stocks, bonds and cash”, declared Edmund C. Moy; Fortress Gold and former United States Mint Director. He was the one who oversaw the world’s largest silver and gold coins.

“Conventional IRAs which are invested stocks are easily affected by inflation. And since gold prices runs in opposite direction to paper assets, you are more secured if you add this to your retirement portfolio. And gold bullion or bars are held by IRA trustee and not by their owners”, Mr. Moy added.

It was not until 2008 when Gold IRA has become popular. The transaction for investing Gold IRA becomes less complicated resulting to growth of IRA gold investors.

“The world news on great interests in gold has also contributed to the increase of people investing on this type of asset”, Mr. Moy recalled.

Regal Assets is one of the Gold IRA companies these days. Their distinct services include purchasing products at spot price so you don’t lose a lot out of your own pocket. They also offer a flat fee, covering your expenses for the first year.  They guarantee maximum security to your investment since your assets will be delivered by banks with armed guard escorts and through insured mails when in small packages.

What I liked most about Regal Assets is the smooth transition that I went through. In just a few days, my account was set. Updates have been done regularly. After my money was transferred, I was given the options on how to purchase the metals and Mr. Christian Howard made sure that I land on the best deal”, Mukesh said, one of the many IRA Gold investors.

Indeed, fortunate are those who found the right company where they can invest for a Gold IRA. According to Mr. Moy, a lot of factors need to be considered when choosing a company like their transparency in their transactions, their track of record, their flexibility in dealing with their clients and their qualifications.  After all, you are talking here about your lifetime investment and you can’t mess up with this just because you made wrong choice.