One of the biggest stories in 2015 may come to a happy ending, as the famous TV show host, Jeremy Clarkson may return to BBC, at least for some episodes.



The endeavors to find a suitable replacement for the iconic Clarkson have proven to be futile, as there were no solutions on sight. The person in charge of finding a new host, Kim Shillinglaw, said that “It’s serious and unfortunate what happened but there is no ban on Jeremy being on the BBC,” adding that “It’s a big deal what happened and Jeremy, as any human being would, needs some time.”

Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from the BBC after he physically assaulted OisinTymon, one of the BBC producers. The decision to lay off Clarkson started an avalanche of negative comments from the passionate Top Gear fans, with over one million people signing the petition for the return of Clarkson to Top Gear.

The reason for the attack seems benign, as Clarkson allegedly hit the producer because there were no hot food on the set, in North Yorkshire hotel. The investigation results made the General Director of BBC, Tony Hall, to state that the contract that Jeremy Clarkson has with BBC will be his last with the company. Clarkson explained, in his column published in the Sunday Times, that he has been struggling with cancer uncertainties at the time of the incident. He expressed regret, stating that even though it was the “most stressful day… in 27 years at the BBC” other people “manage to cope better than I did”.

There are even rumors that a woman could be the new co-host of the legendary Top Gear, and the rumors were even confirmed by Shillinglaw, saying that the replacement of Clarkson is still an “open book”. “We’ll definitely look at some women but it’s not a driving priority,” stated Shillinglaw. The last scenes of Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson will be aired later in 2015.

Clarkson will not be literally returning to BBC, but the army of Top Gear fans across the world will see him again on BBC channels, as Shillinglaw claims that she doesn’t want “The available material not to be seen by viewers.”