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The famous hunk actor; Tom Cruise is now head over heels on a 22 years old brunette beauty; Emily Thomas. She has been described by friends as outgoing and famous with party past friends coming from high places. The actor even chose her personally to film with her in Mission Impossible and is now planning to have her as his fourth wife.

Hi can someone like Tom Cruise at 53 years of age manage to charm young, famous and rich girls? A lot of men today want to follow his footstep and are learning the art of courting girls. This is the reason why Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box and other courting guides sell like hotcakes these days.

Tom Cruise got married to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. And now, he is done with all his past three ex-wives and is going through it all over again, now in the person of Emily. “She’s good in winning men over”, one of Emily’s friends explained.  “It seems like she can easily wrap everyone using her little finger. This can be because of her personality and looks”, she added.

Emily used her family’s good connections. And she claimed that she dated Ashley; Theo Walcott’s brother. She is very much acquainted with Walcott’s too. Despite Tom Cruise’ proposal for marriage, some who speculated Emily to be career driven doubt if she would marry anyone just yet. But one source said she is a type of person whom you can’t exactly call “career driven”.

Emily is a person who really exerts a lot of effort to find her place in the movie industry and she has reached this far, given a very short period of time. Though raised in a $1.1 million Hertfortshire property, Emily grew up in a “very ordinary family”. “She has been an academic achiever, specifically on athletics”, Headmaster of Aldenham School; James Fowler said. She has also been a chalet girl during ski seasons. A close friend of hers also said that she would always find ways to go far.

Tom met Emily when she served as his assistant on set assistant in Rogue Nation. She is also scheduled to work with the actor on his next project; Mena. Emily and Tom have been allegedly been together as a couple since 2015 and their impending marriage is also rumored.

Surprisingly, there’s one striking characteristic that Emily has which intrigued everyone and this is her resemblance with Tom Cruise’s ex-wife; Katie Holmes. Hence, everyone can’t help but ask if the actor is just marrying her because she can see his ex-wife through this girl.