There is one thing that every fantasy football premier league aficionado has in mind and that is to choose the best team. Many football competitions seek for attention and majority of them follow the same pattern. The aspiring managers choose squad of players within the range of budget and wait for the best that is yet to come.

Fantasy Premier League is a renowned game which is operated by the league itself. And this currently has more than 3 million users. As a prospective fantasy manager, you need to know the factors that you have to consider when choosing a squad and this starts by selecting the players to witness this season.

The requirement of the player is not limited on one’s ability to play. One must also be guaranteed first team game time to qualify to be in the squad. You may need to ask questions like who will be Liverpool’s first choice striker or know the appearance of Manchester’s United midfield this season.

“At the start of the season, you need to check the fixtures”, Tom Meltzer from The Guardian said. With this, managers can choose a solid team which is expected to do well at the outset which can be fixed with as soon as the season starts to take shape. So look for players belonging to a team that has an easy start.

Also beware of new signings and avoid them as much as possible.  It is hard to notice how new arrivals will settle into the English game. But one thing is for sure, new signings such as Christian Benteke and Memphis Depay will surely run in the side.

You must not depend on just one or two star players. Employing players with big names leavened with cheap no hopers will not yield the goods. “You need to have 11 players every week who have the ability to deliver points”, Meltzer said. “It’s all about looking for a good value, contemplating on points per millions and not just be contented with a few points”, he added.

Sometimes, you narrow down your choices of players on the club you follow. Though this gives you the peace of mind of pickling from a team you know of, you need to know that using your favorite selections may not work all the time. Hence, if any of your favorite players fail, know how to let go.  And using transfers gives you the advantage despite the fact that injuries of any form can’t be controlled. Lastly, you can check for helpful websites. Read their scouting reports and use it to your advantage.