CaptureA trio were put to jail after breaking into an equipment rentals business in Mountain Home. Police Chief Carry Manuel stated that Robert William Martinell, Bruian Ashley Calvert and Derrick Michael Vostatek were arrested due to property theft and commercial burglary.

According to Investigator Chris Steele’s affidavit equipment and other properties were stolen by these three. A security camera recorded the scene of the crime, showing that the three alleged thieves are present.

A search was conducted by Lieutenant Terry Johnson and Sergeant brad Hurst from Baxter County Sheriff’s Office. The search was held at Calvert’s home where a commercial water pump and a four wheeler were retrieved. Both items were identified on Steele’s affidavit as part of the properties stolen during the break-in.

These were the only words of Ashley Calvert; “ I could retrieve some of the property we stole back”.

“We have planned our break-in during a party”, Volstatek, 21 stated in the affidavit. “Together with Martinell and Calvert, we did this for a business. Take the items to Calvert’s residence so they can be stored in a shop”, he added. Vostatek also admitted that when he returned to Calvert’s place to sell the items, he discovered that they were already moved.

Martinell, 32 years old was also interviewed by the authorities and admitted that they planned the crime beforehand. Martinell attested that what has been said is true.

“I was standing outside the building while my two other friends broke in. It took them several trips to carry the items and tools. The stolen goods were sent to Calvert’s residence”, Martinell admitted.

It was also discovered that there was a witness to the said burglary and he was present when the robbery took place. He said that these three men drove to the shop, took the items and hid them at Calvert’s place. However, after a couple of days, the items were moved to another place, perhaps in exchange for drugs”, the witness stated.

A bond was set for Calvert, Vostatek and Martinell amounting to $10,000 as stated on the affidavit. What happened has served as a warning to all rental business, even for video equipment rentals business and similar establishments with shops that are vulnerable to burglary and robbers. Losing one’s capital would mean a business loss. Hence, all precautionary measures must be done to prevent burglary from happening. After all, anyone can be a victim but the loss will depend on how much you have prepared when this happens.