Perhaps the most undesirable topic that you want to hear is human corpse disposal. Well, that’s the fate of our physical remains and we can’t do anything about it. Surely, you can’t just let your body rot in public. It poses both public and sanitation risk. Human bodies decompose thereby releasing foul odor which essentially gets the attention of decomposers and scavengers.

There are 2 things that need to be disposed of; the muscles and the skeleton. The first one rapidly decays while the latter may last for many years. However, human bodies need to be disposed carefully; This is out of respect to the one who just died. One’s culture and religion needs to be considered.

The most common practices in corpse disposal are burial, above ground storage and cremation. The relatives or close friends (in the absence of relatives) decide what type of method will be used. However, there are less common ways of dead body disposal. Among these are sky burial, ship burial, sea burial, dissolution, donation for study, cannibalism, genocide and dismemberment.

Some dead bodies are preserved as well according to the wishes of the bereaved family. This can be done through cryopreservation, taxidermy, mummification or plastination.

Sometimes, some people throw dead bodies to the river to cover up their crime. However, they discretely do this at night when nobody is watching. But what if this will be done in the morning? Will this create suspicion among the public? Will it be possible to use other innocent people to help you transport the dead body to the place where you want to dispose it? Watch this video and know what happens when this is done.