I was once driving down the road when I witnessed a vehicular accident where most of the victims were kids. My heart was squeezed when I saw the bereaved parents. I can’t help but to cry and hope that these parents will surpass this great challenge that comes into their lives. I know that man has the innate nature to feel pity on someone else’s misfortune. Though we may react in different ways, no one is exempt from this type of emotion.

I have been into car accident once and I am lucky enough to get the help that I need at a time I needed it most. People who passed by did not hesitate to stop and give assistance. And miraculously, we survived. That is why it is very surprising to know that there are people these days who manage to suppress their emotion and choose not to help. There are places in the world where people are hesitant to give aid. One of the common reasons is because they don’t want to get into trouble when helping someone who needs assistance. Hence, they opt to continue driving or walking, passing through the person who needs their help. But I know that they are troubled deep inside. They will carry this thought in their mind and wonder even before they retire to bed if what happened to that person whom they selfishly deprived help.

How many of us respond to emergency situations in as much as these people do? Some people don’t care much on others even if they see them hurt and in need of help. Perhaps it is because they are hesitant to reach out to a stranger. It is not wrong to be vigilant and ensure your safety but this does not mean that you wouldn’t help someone who needs your assistance.

On this video, the combined people’s power saved one person’s life. Hope we can mirror ourselves to these people and do the same when faced on the same situation.