It can be very scary to encounter extra ordinary events during ordinary days. Well, that’s what we call life’s mishaps. However, it can be very disturbing and mind blowing like accidentally meeting an escaped prisoner while you are walking down the road. And worse it, he may call you or try to get your attention. The most common reactions may be to:


Regardless how fast or slow you can run, fleeing from the scene and getting rid of the prisoner from your sight can be the most sensible thing for you to do. The only problem is; he might run faster than you do. But you need to trust your adrenalin. We know that it can help us do extraordinary things, even beyond our imagination.

Fight back

Well, if you are an avid fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger then you may attempt to fight back. Just be sure that you have the skill and armor to ensure that you will come out undefeated. If you are not sure on this part then better go back to option number!

Shout and call for a police

To distract the offender, you have to do something that will make him withdraw and pull back. One is to call for help. You can call for a cop and if lucky enough, you can be everybody’s hero.


Some people have the tendency to freeze and do nothing during perceived harmful attack. Hence, instead of running or fighting back, they just don’t do anything when they panic. Such involuntary freezing results from severe anxiety. This can be dangerous since you find yourself helpless at times you need to defend yourself most.

With so many things going on around us, it is not surprising why people on this video are freaking out when they saw the escaped prisoner. Good thing no one passed out due to heart failure. Otherwise, this man’s prank will not end up funny at all. Watch how people run for their lives while being chased by this so called “escaped prisoner”.