Have you ever played yoyo before? Well, gone are the days when this type of game is only limited to kids. Today, yoyo tournaments are held in different parts of the world, featuring the best players who can do the most amazing stunts. It is interesting to note that yoyo became popular far back in 1920’s. Though it is a very common game in many countries, this was discovered and started in Greece. But records show that yoyo has already started since history has begun. In a famous Greece vase painting on a 500 BC antique, an image of a boy was illustrated playing yoyo. However, it is believed that this type of game actually originates from China at an earlier date.

On the other hand, do you know that the name “yoyo” was actually a Filipino word which means “come” or “return”?  You may wonder why the term was coined by Filipinos when it was first introduced by other countries. Well, this can be because Pedro Flores gave birth to the modern yoyo in 1928 when he started a business of a yoyo manufacturing company situated in Santa Barbara California. His business flourished until such time when he needs to open branches in Hollywood and Los Angeles.  With the increasing demand of such toy, he ultimately employed more than 600 workers so he can manufacture 300,000 units daily. It is very impressive that out of a very simple toy, someone can be very rich like Pedro Flores.

Today, yoyo game has been taken seriously by many yoyo enthusiasts. This is not only considered as one of those street games but a sport that can be played in many world tournaments. Gentry Stein is one good player of yoyo, reputed for his talent globally. This 18 years old guy has impressed yoyo fanatics all over the world. His stunts are one of a kind, allowing him to gather fans all over the world. He had won yoyo competitions more than once and the fact that he often comes out as a champion made him very famous in this field.

Gentry Stein did his stunts again. Prague’s champion in world yoyo contest has once again proved worthy of his title. If only I can have even a fraction of his skill then I will be happy. Some people just have overflowing talents in them and Gentry is just one of them.