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A lot of men who experience pre-mature ejaculation feel inadequate, thus resorting to pharmacological treatments. However, in Clinical Anatomy’s comprehensive review published October 30, 2015, premature ejaculation is not a sexual dysfunction. And because it is not a disease, it does not need any treatment as well.

“A lot of drug companies are earning millions of dollars for premature ejaculation medications. Hence such condition is clearly an illness made by sexual medicine experts backed up my multi-million dollar earning pharmaceutical companies”, writer David Nield said.

According to Clinical Anatomy’s review, premature ejaculation is considered normal among males and this is often experienced by younger men as well as those who have intercourse for the first time. In fact, as you read through the review, you will learn that men can eventually develop the ability to control their body’s reaction to sexual stimulation. And this can happen without the need to undergo therapies or take synthetic drugs.

Telling a person that his premature ejaculation is some form of a sexual dysfunction won’t help the situation at all. It makes him even more inferior and the thought that one can never perform well in bed can be stressful, disallowing him to develop the sense of control.

“Anyone who experiences premature ejaculation must remember that ejaculation and orgasm are both present during the intercourse. This means that their sexual physiology is not impaired at all. What is needed is to develop ejaculatory control by understanding their response to masturbation. This means that drug therapy is not needed in the picture at all”, Vincenzo Puppo; the report co-author said.

Vincenzo’s daughter also expressed her ideas about this matter when she said; “orgasm will always be experienced by women as long as their erectile organs are properly stimulated.  Hence, it goes to show that penile-vaginal intercourse does not even matter at all. Women will still experience orgasm before or after ejaculation once the clitoris is properly stimulated”.

What Vincenzo’s daughter wants to emphasize is that a man with premature ejaculation can still satisfy one’s partner regardless of his condition.

The word PE (premature ejaculation) was coined in 1915. Since then, a lot of hypothesis revolved around it. To some medical researchers, this has something to do with one’s physiological issues. Others even link this to genetics. But for Puppo and Puppo, this is just a normal occurrence that one must not be worried about. And though some couples are embarrassed to discuss about their premature ejaculation problem, there are natural ways to address this issue. And even telling the concerned couples that this is normal will be enough to reassure them.