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According to the World Bank’s forecast this Sunday, only 10% of the world’s population will suffer from extreme poverty before 2015 ends.

Those who survive for less than $1.90 a day are considered to be living in extreme poverty. But according to Washington-based institution, it is expected that the numbers of these people will lower down from 12.8% (2012) to 9.6% (2015). And knowing that there will only be 702 million people in the world left who will struggle for their survival, this will serve as an inspiration to many to fight poverty.

According to the World Bank, there are 37.1% who suffer from extreme poverty in 1991. In 2015, this decreased to 9.6%. The result is stunning.

“For the first time, poverty has ended and it happened in our generation” Jim Young Kim said; the World Bank President.

Will this mean that the non-governmental organization and UN’s goal to eradicate poverty in 2030 is now within our reach? “But this will never be easy”, warned Kim. “We can’t deny the reality that we are still struggling from the effects of slow global growth, conflicts, volatile financial markets and climate change”, Kim added.

But reaching for that goal is still within our grasp. With proper planning and high aspirations, a poverty –free world can still be possible.