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Singapore is one of the many advanced countries in Asia which integrates its urban planning to the core principles of Feng Shui. This made the place more attractive not only to its dwellers but also to its investors. And this made the country even more progressive when it comes to its economic growth. That is why feng shui Singapore is very common these days.

“The secret is to bridge the gap between modern digital customer experience and ancient principals” says Mr. Boz Zou from a reputed global digital design powerhouse.  He believes that ancient wisdom is needed to create the best digital customer experience. According to him, there must be a good interaction between the brands and their target market. This is why any business man will need Feng Shui from business marketing to selling. It is the only way to make the product delightful and usable at the same time, not only to the consumers but also to the manufactures and sellers of the product. It is not surprising why big companies like Manulife, Citibank and HSBC are relying on Feng Shui in running their businesses nowadays.

According to feng Shui, there is a need to integrate one’s design with a holistic system. Manulife for instance; today’s leading insurance company, make their design holistic by connecting their clients to the digital world. This creates a holistic ecosystem and harmony which is the secret of their success. By connecting their customers to the digital system, it allows them to permit their clients to reflect their needs and lifestyle. Matias Duarte; Google’s vice president of design validated this when he said; “Software often times behave in a manner that deviates from our expectations”.

Feng Shui is also reflected on companies having designs that promote sustainability. This is when the company uses a design that fosters the world’s overall sustainability. Green Bank is one example of this. They are not only showing their living green philosophy through the online and offline experience that they offer their clients but they also took the effort to lower their own operational footprint  and at the same time support grassroots community projects.

In Feng Shui, Yin and Yan are also important. This is the balance between contrasting properties of certain elements. This can be the combination of dark and light colors or the use of horizontal and vertical lines. By combining these properties, it brings harmony to the design and creates visual interest. PayPal is one example for this. By using contrasting elements in their design, they are able to highlight the ones that are most essential.

These days, Feng Shui is not only employed on the architectural setup of a building but it has gained a lot of use in business marketing as well.