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Dr Arathi; the daughter of Ravi Pillai (an NRI business magnate) married Dr Adithya Vishnu from Kochi and this was  the most expensive and spectacular wedding of the year.

In a survey conducted by The Times of India, Ravi Pillai was recognized as the wealthiest Keralties with $2.8 billion dollars net worth. This is not surprising considering the fact that Pillai’s RP Group is involved in Gulf in infrastructure development, construction, education and mining. With this, they run 26 companies with 80,000 employees.

The festivities for the wedding plan were conceptualized following the famous “Bahubali”. Sobhana and Manju Warrier; reputed Malayalam actresses will also showcase dance performances on top of the musical show to be hosted by Stephen Devassy. Around 30,000 guests were invited and the venue will be 350,000 square feet pandal designed after Rajasthan royal palaces.

Guests include respected names from various European countries. On the list are 42 global leaders and country heads, politicians, CEOs, film stars, government reps, diplomats and technocrats. Some of the guests include ambassadors, presidents and royal families. Because of this, security was tightened with 350 private security personnel and 250 cops were deployed during the event.

Meanwhile, 2 chartered flights were scheduled on Thursday but more were accommodated as the need arise according to a reliable source. “It will only take 3 hours alert in preparing handling and landing of special fights”, sources said.

This grand wedding happened over 8 acres of land and exceeds Rs 20 crore in cost. Behind the pandal creation are 20 professionals working as a team and led by Sabu Cyril; a famous film art director.

“The design for the event is one of a kind and modeled after Rajasthan’s royal palaces”; Cyril; the production designer of Bahubali said. “The set is different from Bahubali since it is larger. On the film, the palace was constructed on 5 acres of land but the set for this wedding was done on a 40,000 square feet”, Cyril added. But to Cyril, the pressure for this project is very high considering the fact that he only took 75 days to come up with a Rajasthani ambience.

Dream Events IQ; an Indian wedding website features a lot of information about Indian weddings. And though many of them can be as spectacular as Pillai – Vishnu wedding, many are also private weddings which limit guests to their family and close friends.