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Ben Baller is the main supplier of expensive jewelry to many famous celebrities. Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Drake are just a few names on his list, which also contains names such as Mariah Carey, Rita Ora and Joel Madden.

Celebrities love jewelry that shine and bling and Ben is the man behind some of the most creative accessories worn by famous people in Hollywood. His creativeness is nothing else but the expression of his personality.

“I have a long list of famous buyers. And they pay me at least $25,000 for my designs.” said Ben who’s also known as a music executive icon. He worked as Dr. Dre’s producer at Priority Records before he ventured into his jewelry business.  He also worked at Aftermath Entertainment. He even helped Jay-Z sign his very first record contract.

Everyone knows  Justin Bieber’s grills and late Michael Jackson’s belt buckles encrusted with diamonds. Well, these were all made by Ben. “He has the skill of knowing the next hip-hop genre’s jewelry culture” said Pusha T.

“Now, I’m enjoying my success. However, I still love working for others. After all, the success that I have right now is not mine. I had more aspirations to work on”, Ben said.

It was in Ben’s DNA to become a jeweler. His cousins and uncles are in the same industry. Though he did not undergo formal training, he decided to start his LA based IF & Co. store in 2005. He makes any kind of jewelry that you can think of;  whether it is a bejeweled Pillsbury Doughboy or a 7-UP diamond encrusted can, he can do it. Just make sure that you prepare yourself when you enter his shop: his jewelry creations are simply mind-blowing.

Ben Baller is famous for his market designs, but he also accepts custom orders. Grills and iced out Jesus pieces are some of the most popular order requests he receives. One time someone even ordered an eye prosthesis with $97,000 dollars worth of diamonds.