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If you are a magazine lover, it pays to read your favorite magazine anytime you have a spare time. And through a digital magazine app, it is now possible to flip your favorite paper through your tablet. Digital magazines are today’s trend and it allows you to have access from hundreds to thousands of magazine on a super thin gadget.

However, the burden of using paper is not only limited to subscribers. In fact, even Newsweek editor Tina Brown declared that they would end their print edition. Printing cost alone cost them $42 million dollars. Lower subscriptions and declining profit are enough reason for them to cut the cost of their expenses. And the best solution is to go paper less.

“It is about time that we need to allow our clients to access us in a digital format and this is the most efficient and effective way to reach them.  Though majority of people may go for tangible magazines in paper form 2 years ago, this is not the case in the years to come”, Tina said. for instance offers Digital magazine App for $9.99. One you make a subscription, you will have access to their annual, monthly and weekly magazine. It also allows you to avail for extra content, interactive features and videos for a next level magazine reading experience. Back issues are also available for you to browse. This app can be used for smart phones and tablet, allowing access to more than 125 magazines. It is compatible with Windows 8 and iOS as well..

In one of the Next Issue subscription review, one of its users said; ‘This app allows you to enjoy your magazines. However, you must love it if you want to spend time reading your favorite magazine using this app.”. “The app has an attractive Cover Flow-like interface if viewed on a landscape mode.  You can also enjoy its sorting options”. He added.

The only flaw is when using this app on your smartphone. You may find it a challenge to adjust the font size, making some parts unreadable. But for a larger device like a tablet, you won’t find any issue with your font size.

For convenience, cost effectiveness and trendy way of reading your favorite paper, using digital magazine is a legitimate alternative to buying magazines. But for people who want to continue enjoying magazine’s cover pages on paper and opt for a tangible item when they subscribe, magazines on newsstands will remain to be their only option.