Justin Bieber has settled on a lawsuit against him, filed by a photographer after the famous Miami incident, Bieber’s attorneys stated.

Jeffrey Binion, the photographer involved in the incident refused to comment on the matter, and didn’t provide any information on how much money was he paid, or any other aspects of the settlement. The photographer filed a lawsuit in Miami Dade County circuit court in 2013, after a brawl between himself and the famous teenage star in front of one of the Miami’s top recording studios. After taking pictures of the singer, the photographer was allegedly attacked ty the security guards protecting Bieber.


The case was urged to be settled outside of the court room in the last couple of months, by various mediator, said Mark DiCowden, the photographer’s lawyer. The other lawyer, representing Justin Bieber, Jeremiah Reynolds confirmed that the settlement has been reached and that the case is now closed.

Binion is not the only photographer in Florida who has filed a lawsuit against the problematic pop singer from Canada, as Manuel Munoz, another photographer, also sued the music star. After taking pictures of the young musician leaving a nightclub in South Beach in January last year, Munoz claims that the bodyguards, working for Bieber, chased him down the street, locked him in a store, and then physically assaulted him, smashing his camera in pieces in the process. The incident happened on the same night that the Miami Beach police officers took Justin Bieber into custody after he raced his luxurious Lamborghini on the streets of Miami. The young star has pleaded guilty to careless driving and resisting arrest last August, and paid 50.000 US dollars to a children’s charity. Bieber also agreed to attend ate least 12 hours of anger management course.

Reynolds, Bieber’s lawyer, refused to comment on the lawsuit of the other Miami photographer.