The public health emergency in Indiana has been extended, as the state’s Governor Mike Pence gave the executive order, responding to the HIV outbreak started in December 2014.


There were 128 confirmed HIV cases by Friday, all of them connected to the use of the opana prescription drug. More people are being tested for HIV, and the numbers are expected to be even higher, especially because HIV can take more than 3 months to appear in the system of a human, after the infection.

The health emergency state was due to expire on Friday, after being ordered last month. The new deadline for the medical emergency state is Thursday, April 23rd. Numerous state agencies are coordinating efforts to control the unparalleled HIV outbreak, providing additional resources, with the police, health officials and all the emergency agencies cooperating. The program of needle exchange has started on April 4th, as an additional measure in the struggle against the HIV outbreak. By Friday, over 5000 sterilized syringes were given out to 86 people, and over 1400 used ones had been returned.

Indiana’s Governor, Mike Pence issued a statement saying that “While we’ve made progress in identifying and treating those affected by this heartbreaking epidemic, the public health emergency continues and so must our efforts to fight it.”

Center for Disease Control’s team of the HIV/AIDS Division is on site, helping the officials contain the HIV outbreak.