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Saira Khan admitted on ITV1’s Loose Women that she has exhausted all excuses to avoid sleeping on bed with her husband; Steven Hyde.

Saira and Steven were married for 11 years now and they have 2 children. Panelists of “The Loose Women” were surprised when Saira admitted that she has allowed her husband to sleep with another woman since she is no longer capable of satisfying her husband in the bedroom. Saira’s fame shoots up on the first series of The Apprentice when she became a runner up last 2005.

“I am now 46, have 2 kids and have a very busy life. That alone makes me feel so lucky”, Saira said. “I used to have no problem with sex. But I love my husband. We even cudle up until now and I think this is sweet. However, I no longer have the interest in sex and I often find ways to excuse myself starting 6 pm”, Saira said.

On her interview on The Loose Women, Saira asked the panelist if what she is experiencing is normal and if she is alone in this ordeal. However, she was comforted upon knowing that even the panelists weren’t on the mood as well. That is why they are wholly supportive to Saira’s problem.

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However, Saira admitted that she never gave up that easy. She tried everything written on the book to resolve her sex issue. Hover, she finally fessed up and decided to give her permission to her husband to sleep with another woman instead.

“One time, I dressed up to go out then my husband complemented my looks and told me I look nice. I simply replied thanks and ran out. When he comes home, I would feel scared and tell him I’m tired. I feel ashamed to say this but I would tell him to go with someone else instead. I just want him to be happy”, Saira recalled.

Saira admitted she still loves kisses and hugs but nothing more intimate than that. However, she still loves her husband and nothing has changed in her feelings to him. Her bravery to discuss sensitive topics like this sparked a lot of positive comments in Twitter. It turned out that other women felt the same and this is pretty normal. It validates that Saira is never alone in her ordeal.