The Apple Watch is the talk of the industry, as the first reviews are out. The reviews concur that although the Apple Watch is beautiful, some issues will have to be addressed, primarily the battery life and the compatibility with older iPhones.


Before you get your Apple Watch, the friendly salesperson at Apple will help you set up and personalize your new gadget, at least at the beginning of sale, as the watch is set to be released on April 24th. The hardware is completely amazing, according to the latest reviews, as the watch is made of metal and glass. It has all the characteristics of the famous Apple design, it’s sleek, solid and has a clean look.

State of the art technology solutions are found “under the hood” of this smart watch. The Retina display comes with the latest pressure sensitivity solution, called Force Touch. This new feature will take in count not only the location, but the intensity of the pressure. The vibrations will inform you about the notifications, using the Taptic Engine. The Apple Watch will also allow you to zoom in and out, navigate through menus, adjust options, etc. The revolutionary S1 processor of the watch is responsible for the high speed and responsiveness of the watch.

The watch will operate on an IOS 8.2 platform, and the idea is to use the watch with your iPhone 5, or later, to get the optimal performance. The storage space of 8 GB is more than enough to accommodate the needs of even the most demanding users. The price of the Apple Watch has been set at 350 US dollars for the basic version, but versions costing up to a whopping 17.000 US dollars will be sold too.