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T-Mobile rose from the last place carrier to the third most patronized communication company in the country. In fact, this is now next to Verizon and AT & T; its two giant rivals. Could this be because of T-Mobile’s CEO; John Legere and his strategic business plan? With this, T-Mobile is now one of the most flourishing companies in U.S.

The surge of customers to this company can be because of the favorable offers it lays out to the public. It does away with its 2 years customer contracts, offers free music streaming services such as Spotify and does away with roaming charges when using their services to call anyone in 120 countries. Just recently, it offers free calls to Mexico and Canada. Meaning, you can now use your phone regardless if you are in US, Canada and Mexico and call your family, business associates and friends with no extra charge! And this does not only limit to cell phone calls but also to landline.

“We are making a huge country in North America so we can provide our customers a continental experience”, explained John Legere on CNN Money. T-Mobile calls this promo “Mobile without Borders”.  This move made T-Mobile the first wireless plan that span the entire continent!

“Mobile without Borders” is just one of the enticing offers T-Mobile grant to the public. On top of this, they also allow client to do phone upgrade without any charge anytime they want to. All these wonderful offers added another 2.1 million new T-Mobile customers at the first quarter of this year. For the past 9 preceding quarters, this company gathers over 1 million clients doing business with them.

However, T-Mobile’s critics consider their marketing strategy as an aggressive uncarrier campaign. They are the first communication company that shelled out so many offers to their customers just to gain their loyalty. But to Legree, there are other reasons behind these apart from the purpose of gaining more clients.

“I dislike limitations of any kind may it be a restrictive rule, barriers, restrictions or borders. Wireless carriers are known to impose many rules and keen into implementing borders, barriers and limits on their customers. That’s why in T-Mobile, we tend to do away with some of these limits”, Legree explained.

But on the part of the clients, their option will all depend on what company gives the most favorable offer. And if T-Mobile continues its aggressive marketing campaign, it wouldn’t be surprising if everyone will end up rushing to the nearest t mobile store.