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A woman in Ohio named Susan Warren breaks homes not to steal anything but to help in doing household tasks. Recently, a charge was filed against her after she was found entering a home without permission. She washed dishes, vacuum and tidied the area and left a note indicating the amount of $75 dollars as payment for her labor.

“I did this all the time”; Susan admitted when police officers confronted her for her alleged early morning break in. As she drove the streets of Westlake Ohio, she randomly chose a home, entered in while everyone was asleep and cleaned the house without asking permission from the home owner.

In the morning, when the daughter of the homeowner woke up, she was surprised to see that the house has been tidied up overnight and presumed that a maid was hired by her parents. After all, home cleaning services is very common nowadays such as Phoenix house cleaning and many others. All you need to do is give them a call, book for a cleaning service and they will do the rest of the work for you. Hence, this 18 year old girl thought that it was just one of those cleaning services.

“Susan’s performance was impressive. She managed to vacuum the carpet, throw the thrash, clean the playroom and tidied the kitchen”; Sherry Bush, the home owner admitted. “She even washed the coffee mugs that were used by my husband the other night”, she added.

“When my daughter asked me if I hired someone to clean our house, I said I did not. We were thinking that a house cleaner mistakenly visited our house instead of someone else. However, our question was given light when we saw a note written on a tissue which has all the details of the person who cleaned our house with her phone number, address and a bill charged to us at $75”, Sherry related. “We were just tongue tied when we learned that everything was done intentionally”, she added.

Sherry called Susan and asked her what happened. Susan said she just dropped by and clean the house as she always does with other houses she visited. Susan has already been charged with trespassing in Beachwood. Surprisingly, she also owns a business and has work to sustain her needs. And cleaning other people’s house without permission should be the least that she has to do.

But to Guy Turner from Westlake Police Department, this might be a pattern of behavior that Susan has to deal with.