Giselle Bundchen has made a buzz these days for blowing another wonderful opportunity. This has nothing to do with her career or her husband who cheated in one of his football games.  This has something to do with her “little” makeover that makes her as gorgeous as ever.

Amidst the growth of cosmetic surgery industry and the emergence of numerous clinics like Dr. Racanelli’s New Jersey clinic and many others, this is what Giselle has to say; “I would rather stay natural. With proper diet and yoga coupled with a healthy lifestyle, I can retain my looks”.

But contrary to what she said, a reliable source of Dr. Robert Tornambe divulged that Giselle had undergone a surgery in Paris, disguised through a Burqa to hide herself from public’s view.

“There is nothing wrong to undergo cosmetic surgery. In fact, I know a lot of women who decided to undergo such procedure so they can regain their body figures prior to pregnancy. But the fact that Giselle was trying to blatantly hide what she did is something that is bothering me”, Dr. Tornambe stated. “Our society is putting a lot of emphasis on the person’s physical appearance instead of looking at the individual’s substance and intelligence”, he added.

The media can be blamed for such state of mind. After all, it reinforces the thought that beautiful fashion models and movie stars must be admired and even treated as role models. However, we also know the fact that they are actually getting a lot of help to get to the level of appearance that they are enjoying right now. They can do more than just Photoshop; a method that what most of us can only afford.  They are preened, primped and received a total makeover by skilled hair stylist and makeup artists. And they are getting all the help they can get from expensive cosmetic surgeons to augment their buttocks and other parts of their bodies through fillers and other methods done through plastic surgery.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery as long as the person is honest enough to admit to the public that these are not natural and just one of the benefits offered by today’s modern technology.

Since many celebrities would rather want to get all the glory for the “natural” beauty that they possess, Dr. Robert Tornambe like to suggest one thing when he said; “I think it would be better to set other role models like your kid’s school teacher and other people who are worth emulating for. As Albert Einstein said; becoming an example is not the main means to influence other people, it is the only means”.