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Sleeping problem is a very common issue shared by many in all walks of life. And their usual complain is external noise that disrupts their normal sleeping pattern. This can be a snoring roommate, the neighbor’s too loud music or TV or even cars passing by the street.  That is why many people sought for good earplugs for sleeping to block all external noise and get a good sleep.

There’s one earplug that don’t function like the ordinary earplugs you know of. These are the Hush’s smart earplugs. They are made of sleek white plastic with either rubber or foam tips. And because they are small, you can position on your side with your ears flat on the bed without feeling any discomfort.

Just like the traditional earplug you found on the market, you simply put Hish earplugs in your ears. They will then serve as a seal on your ear canal to block external sound. But the difference of Hush earplugs to their other counterparts is its Bluetooth connectivity to your phone. It comes with a free companion app which plays soothing sounds for it to be more efficient in blocking external noises.

“Some sounds are more relaxing than the others”, Jack Regan of CNN wrote. “Some sound may not be very pleasant to listen to but there are those that effectively block outside noise like “Temple” or “Brook”, he added.

The earplugs’ battery life can last up to 8 hours. Its package comes with a carrying case, functioning as a charger that has to be plugged on the wall. With the case comes an additional battery. Hence, it can serve even up to 3 times when stored away, even in the absence of an outlet.

Another feature of Hush is its high pitched pulse alarm. And because this will be played by the earplug directly to your ears, you will surely be awakened even if you are in a deep sleep.

Hush’s earplugs were founded by Daniel Lee and Daniel Lee (yes, they have the same name) in May 2014 after finishing their engineering degrees at the University of California. And none of these could have been made possible without their investors who funded them with $1 million dollars on top of the $600,000 dollars on Kickstarter.

This earplug costs $150 and to some who are desperate enough to get a good sleep, investing such an amount will all be worth it.