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A streetscape upgrade will commence in Caloundra’s Bulcock Street. This will start from Felicity Park going to MInchinton Street. This creates apprehension among entrepreneurs who are running business on this area. The construction process will surely limit their opportunities to be found by street passers.  During the work phase, the main street will close down and this can affect the businesses on this part of Sunshine Coast.

Among the planned streetscape design includes reshaped roadway, region-first light feature as well as footpath which will recreate a more functional street and improve this for event space use. On top of that, there will also be an upgrade on its major stormwater drainage which will help lower down the flooding and serve as protection for Pumicestone Passage. There is also a proposed installation of a technology that will make it an advanced smart city.

“The project has been very well received by Caloundra Chamber of Commerce as well as the traders”, Councillor Tim Dywer said.

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The said streetscape upgrade will improve the appearance of the area; promote safety as well as access. On top of that, it will offer a new drawcard which builds and maintains Caloundra’s sustainable economy.

Once the upgrade will be done, more people will be encouraged to go to the town which will sustain businesses there and will promote more activities like evening events and trading.

“The project may temporarily create inconvenience for our business but its end result will be worth all the trouble”, entrepreneur Sara Lloyd said. “We even planned to renovate and extend our business along with the said streetscape upgrade”, she added.

Business owners are excited to see the place transformed to an advanced smart city technology as well as the canopy of bespoke lights which are suspended over the street.

On the other hand, CBD Taskforce Member and President; Michale Shadforth said that the community’s patience will truly be rewarded once the new projects will be delivered.

“A major facelift will be conducted for Bulcock Street. This will define Sunshine Coast market’s unique position together with Caloundra’s masterplan.  It will surely improve our reputation and make us be known not just a friendly community but a good place to operate a business”, Dwyer said.