Stephen Hawking is reputed for his contributions in general relativity, cosmology and even black holes. He is a very famous British physicist who proved that even conditions like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis will never be a hindrance to one’s intelligence. In fact, he just recently completed a zero gravity flight. And this allowed him to float weightless. But amidst all his achievements, he did not claim to be the most intelligent person in the world.

“Those who brag on their mental abilities are losers”, Stephen stated.

This only shows that it takes more than just taking the best supplements for brain power to be like Stephen Hawking. You need to have the proper attitude to be one.

But despite Hawking’s confidence, there is one thing that he is worried about. “ I fear that I may not be welcomed in the United States now that Donald Trump was elected as the president”, Hawking expressed.  “His leadership is more of an authoritarian approach”, he added.

One thing that Hawking was concerned about is the Scott Pruitt’s appointment as the Environmental Protection Agency head. “He (referring to Scott) is even a nonbeliever of carbon dioxide causing climate change”, Hawking commented. “Though climate change poses a great danger to our environment, this is one thing that can also be prevented”, he added.

“Pruitt’s appointment, the border wall and the sanctioning of 2 oil pipelines are all meant to gratify Trump’s electorate, which we know are not well informed”, Hawking said. However, he expressed that he still have many colleagues and friends in U.S. and that he admire this country in a lot of ways. However, he still fears that he will never be welcome here. Before Trump becomes a Republican nominee, Hawking called him a “demagogue”, stating that he petitions to the lowest common denominator.

Stephen Hawking’s reaction to Trump’s nomination is something is not surprising. According to the author of Emotional Intelligence; Travis Bradberry, intelligent people can argue with anyone convincingly and articulately from every angle. And it’s how they argue that sets them apart from the others. In fact, they are very gifted when it comes to this matter. And they do so no matter how other people judge the situation. This is because they have brains that are quicker than their mouth. They know how to think first before they speak, making them always one step ahead from than the others.