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Violence seem to be following the republican presidential candidate; Donald Trump. This Saturday, on his Ohio campaign, an individual went up to the stage and get too close to him, causing secret agents to get to the stage to protect Donald Trump. But this has not been the only commotion that happened during Trump’s campaign. The next day after his campaign in Ohio, his rally was cancelled due to another violence that occurred.

In Missouri where Trump had a campaign rally, protesters also interrupted the event many times, “Someone tried to cross over the security buffer in Dayton, Ohio but he was immediately taken away from the stage professionally”, Hope Hicks, Trump’s spokeswoman reported.

While Trump was surrounded by 4 agents at a brief moment to ensure security, Trump’s supporters were relentlessly shouting his name.

Despite the call received by Trump accusing him to cause the campaign violence in Chicago which cancelled the event, Trump still pushed through with Saturday’s campaign trail. “Left wing rivals are to be blamed for the professionally and carefully planned stage protests”, Trump said. “I have the confidence that my supporters are nice and great. And to all my followers, do not allow them to rip you off from your position. Remember that they are wicked people who don’t want the restoration of America’s greatness”, he added.

Ultimately, the individual who rushed to the stage during Trump’s campaign was identified as Thomas Dimassimo. He came from Fairborn Ohio and was charged for his disorderly conduct,causing panic among the crowd.

While campaigning at Kansas City, Trump’s campaign rally was again stopped for a few mites by 7 people or a number of protestors.

“I suspect that the protestors are Bernie Sanders’ supporters”, said Trump. This is because one of the protesters holds a sign showing support to the Democratic presidential candidate. Trump also expressed that arresting and charging protesters is the only way to move forward. “Pressing charges is the single solution to stop this craziness”, Trump said.

“This is scary”, Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio said. “Never in the history has leadership been used to take people’s rage and urging them to vote you”, he added. Furthermore, Rubio expressed hesitancy to support Trump should he win as the nominee of their party.

“He is building a toxic environment”, Gov. John Kasich from Ohio said referring to Trump. “He must stop dividing us all”, he added.