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The reputed human rights advocate; Thor Halvorssen was interviewed by Fox News to get his insights about socialism. Prior to the said interview, a clip on Bernie Sanders was shown, depicting his platform on reforming United States to a socialist country.

After being introduced, Halvorssen’s insights on socialism was asked, and on how this violates human rights. Instead of answering the query directly, he responded by qualifying the statement first, making sure that he would end up with give a clear and accurate answer.

“Socialism, when done correctly, separating the constitutional rights from power and government’s branches can be good and just”, Halvorssen stated. “Best examples are Norway, Denmark and Sweden”, he added.  It is interesting to note that these are the same countries referenced by Bernie Sanders when he discusses about socialistic ideals.

“Socialism, when run by an authoritarian government or put in wrong hands can violate human rights”, the well-known film producer; Halvorssen said. He further continued by explaining that socialism can be defined in many ways and this can be historical vs. academic.

“It is interesting to note that even democratic governments implement socialistic policies which can be different from what socialists really do”, Halvorssen declared.

To understand Halvorssen’s view about socialism, he was asked what flaws he saw on a socialist government. He then pointed Venezuela as an example and how the government’s fixed cost on their goods resulted to the country’s humanitarian crisis.

It was later discovered that Halvorssen’s father was a political prisoner in Venezuela. His first cousin was also a prisoner of this country at the time of his interview.

Thor Halvorssen later confessed that he made a large amount of donation to Sander’s campaign. He was then asked for the reason for doing such gesture.  He said that millions of dollars was taken by the present democratic front runner and this includes Saudi Arabia and Oman. For this reason, he opts to have Sanders as the democratic nominee instead of having someone whose sources of funds come from dictatorships.

Thor Halvorssen is known as a human rights activist who also founded many non-profit groups like the New York’s Human Rights Foundation. This group works by protecting and promoting human rights all over the world as it brings leaders and activists to obtain their goal. Hence, the group concentrates on closed societies.  Halvorssen is also a famous film producer, recognized all over the globe, particularly in opening awareness on children slavery.