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Duterte was hailed as the Philippines’ social media president as published in CNN Philippines Life. The force of social media had a great impact on his triumph in the election for the country’s president. He has “keyboard armies” who continuously flood the Facebook with comments; praising and defending him.

If the US labeled Brack Obama as the first social media president of the country, Duterte holds similar title in his own republic. The welding power of the internet made him even more famous over time, proving that social media marketing works on government officials too. And he takes delight in the reputation he is getting because of it.

But unlike Obama, Duterte is not an “internet savvy”. If Obama regularly posts updates on his Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat accounts, Duterte has other people who do it for him. Mocha Uson; Duterte’s Presidential Communication Assistant Secretary manages his social media for him.

When students of Far Eastern University were asked how they will describe the president, these are their common answers; “ he is “unpredictable”, “strong”, “fierce”, “eye opener”, “great” and “sesquipedalian”.

When the students were asked to rate the president, they gave him 75%-95%. However, Moro student who grew up in Marawi, gave him a very low rate at “50%”.

“He is selfish who doesn’t listen to what the majority has to say. He did not even listened to people who asked him to stop airstrikes in Marawi”, Hissah said; a 19 years old communication undergraduate student. The president sent military forces to Marawi after Maute group rebels attacked the place, killing innocent civilians and inciting rebellion to take over the city.

Social media well-wishers for Duterte do not only come from local people from his place but even Filipinos who are now living abroad.

People can be just quiet off-line but their minds speak through their keyboards. Hence, when Senator Gordon was asked on how to rebuild Marawi, he diverted the topic to tourism, the place’s masterplan and the importance of letting go of one’s fears. No verbal comments were uttered about his statement but social media was flooded with the people’s reply. One of which is the comment that says;”after the rebellion, Marawi will be known as WOW Marami, thanks to Senator Gordon” (sarcastically addressing the senator).

Such reaction only means one thing; people can be silent and polite in person but if you want to know their thoughts, read their comments online. And you can never underestimate what these comments can do. It can sustain a support and even win an election, the same way it did with President Duterte.