Currently, when making a purchase on Amazon, you have to enter your password before completing it to let them know it is really you. However, soon Amazon will start using something called selfie pay. Selfie pay will be a new feature everyone will have to use to ensure they are the right person.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, Amazon filed for a patent last October but was published publicly on March 10, so they can have this feature on the site. What people will have to do when they are buying something is, instead of entering their password to let Amazon know it is really them, they will have to take a selfie photo with their web cam, or phone, to let Amazon know it is really them. However, to make things different, and to really let Amazon know it is really them, they will have to make some type of gesture with their hand or head or turn their head a certain way. This mixes things up a bit for everyone. Smart is what it is!

The report states, they are doing this for more security. They want people to know they are trying to keep them safe when shopping on their site. This is because anyone can figure out another person’s password and use it on any site to do whatever they want on there. Not only this but a lot of people use the same password for every site so they don’t have to remember all different passwords. Also, there are places that store passwords for people who want to use these places and this isn’t safe either because anyone can hack into these places too and find anyone’s password that is stored there. So, Amazon is getting smart with trying the selfie pay.

Not only will people have to take a selfie but they won’t just be able to hold up a video or photo they had already taken ,on Amazon. They will need to take a fresh selfie and a motion, gesture, or a nod of the head, or whatever else Amazon asks you to do, will be required for the completion of the purchase.

According to USA Today, in the patent application, Amazon added they also look forward to when they will be able to have people look at Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, and have her verify the person by having them look her straight in the eyes. That would certainly be something different and pretty cool at the same time. They actually look forward to when Alexa can take over passwords on all sites because long ones are very easy to forget and short passwords are easy for someone to guess and hack into a site with. Shoppers also state that they store their passwords on their phones which is another unsafe action. And, maybe this new feature will stop that awkward feeling you get when trying to type your password into the site on your phone and having to leave the area where your friends and family are so that they won’t know your password. It will also stop people who use their phone to sign into Amazon, to not mess up on entering their password and have to keep reentering it because their fingers are bigger than their keyboard on their phone.

USA Today also states that there is no word yet on if the patent will be approved but it is something to look forward to. The report also states that Amazon isn’t the only one who sees something good coming out of selfies. Mastercard also reported last month that they will start having card holders pay with either a selfie for facial recognition or their fingerprint to verify who they are.

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