Want to have latest fastest car from smart? Surprisingly, this comes with electric drive feature too. Smart Electric drive seems the automobile of the future and the future starts today. If you love driving cute cars for short distance travel then this can be the perfect one for you. It’s not the best car for those who love participating on drug races since it can only go to as fast as 65 miles per hour maximum speed. However, if you have problems with getting over speeding tickets all the time then this will give you an added advantage.

An 8 feet long car makes this look petite but wait ‘till to see its inside and you will be surprised to know that it has a roomy interior too, just like a regular gasoline car. It has the same add on like air-condition, radio, heaters that you have on your regular automobile too. And the thing is; it has the ability to regulate its room temperature so it doesn’t get too hot when you get inside your car. This conserves its electric consumption as well.

One concern by many commuters is the possibility of being hit or run over by big vehicles while driving on the road. Well, the fact that it is devoid of bulky bumper and rear gives you an added advantage. These are the areas often bumped on by someone else’s vehicle. This time, you don’t have to under estimate or overestimate the distance between you and another car since you have the exact size that you need (without bulky fixtures on its opposite ends). But more than that, it passed the test of American car standard so it comes with a casing that is as tough and durable as Mercedes Benz do or any other luxury cars for that matter.

The downside is; it is charged with 110 volts electricity. Better if it can have the usual 220 volts that we commonly use in our homes. Batteries can last for 8 hours of driving. But tests made revealed that it only consumed a fraction of its electricity after a long ride pressing its accelerator most of the time. Hence, no need to worry much about draining the battery before the day ends. It is built to be very safe too with more balloons to protect both the driver and the passenger during car crash.

If you haven’t seen any of this car yet, check out this video and see how it is to have one of these cars in the city. Surely, with this as your ride, you will want to drive every day.