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Starting up a business can be very hard. You need to deal with the expensive operating cost it entails and extreme competition from giant companies or long existent online retailers. This is the reason why it is even more important for new entrepreneurs to explore the latest technology and know how to use this to their advantage. One example is the cloud.

Cloud technology offers easy access to shared computing resources on the internet. This technology allows the business operation to evolve from secure and convenient data storage to hosted telecom services and business applications. With such technology, there are endless opportunities given to small business entrepreneurs ranging from great savings on operational expenses, increased productivity and becoming competitive even to their giant rivals.

In Canada, 46% of small businesses are taking advantage of the cloud based services according to the national survey conducted to assess how cloud technology has been helping business start-ups. In the survey, it showed that small businesses enjoyed several benefits on cloud technology. Ninety six percent of the cloud users find this to improve the flexibility and mobility of their staff while eighty six percent helped their business process to become better. An almost half of them (47%) had unexpected improvements because of the cloud based services they have availed. This only means that cloud based services are the best tools for small businesses to become empowered and be as competitive as their greatest competitors considering the sophisticated technologies they can avail at prices they can afford. With cloud technology, complex and time consuming tasks will no longer be an issue.

If the advantages offered by cloud technology are numerous then why are there only half of the Canadian small businesses using the tools? The survey found out that this all roots down to inadequate knowledge or lack of understanding on how the technology works. Technology fear is also another factor that stops them from using it. In fact, some of the small businesses may already been using cloud technology and did not even know it. This is because they are not familiar about it, lacks the time to learn and feel that they lack the resources to make use of these latest technologies. Many of them fret about the security of their data once they store it on the cloud. Little do they know that they are just putting themselves at risk if they don’t store their data on the cloud. The current applications and internal network they are using can be more unsafe.

There are only 3 things that amateur entrepreneurs need to do to make sure that the cloud technology they are using will work on their advantage. They must find the right provider, prioritize their needed cloud technology services and commit themselves to using it.