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Skin can also have its own wear and tear symptoms. Exposure to dust, heat, medications, chemicals and dirt will cause it to develop certain skin reactions that can be unsightly. Too often, skin imperfections are simply benign annoyances. However, they may mean more than just simple problem and can indicate serious health issues.

“Any changes you notice on your skin is worth checking for”, says Dr. Arianne Shadi Kuorosh; Director of Massachusetts’s General Hospital Community Health for the Department Dermatologist. There are serious skin conditions that can be resolved if treated early. But early diagnosis is vital. However, Dr. Kuorosh pointed out that these are only rare cases.

One common skin problem is skin tag. They resemble like a tiny pimple with flaps of skin. They are often part in areas where you have a lot of skin folds. Hence, they may also pop up at other areas of your body apart from your face. According to Dr. Kuorosh, they are benign growths which can be attributed to many reasons.  Often times, they result from skin friction. Hence, you can find them where your clothing or limbs frequently contacts with your body like those that come in frequent contact with your clothing or your armpit. If you happen to have one of these, don’t freak out since they are not dangerous and getting rid of skin tags come very easy.

Another skin problem is “acanthosis Nigricans”. This is when your skin will have altered texture or color. This often occurs on your armpits or neck. If you notice this symptom on your skin, you will need to see a dermatologist right away. This is characterized by a thickenig or darkening skin. Individuals who have this problem will often visit dermatologists to know if they can lighten the spots through bleach. However, for Dr. Kuorosh, this is more than just a cosmetic problem but there is a serious health issue underlying it.

“The acanthosis nigricans can be a symptom of insulin resistance”, Dr. Kurosh stated.  Meaning, if you have this, you may be diabetic. Worse is that this can also be a symptom of a cancerous colon, liver or stomach tumor. However, discoloration of skin can also be an effect of your body’s hormonal changes. This can also be an effect of steroid, prednisone or other hormone based treatments. However, regardless if it is a result of your medication or not, it’s worth discussing with your dermatologist.

Moles are common skin issues too. Most of the time, they pop up before you turn 30 and stay on your skin peacefully.  However, you need to observe if they change in shape, color or change in appearance. If they itch, bleed or erupt, you have to seek for medical intervention right away.

Your skin plays an important role in your looks but they are useful tool to determine your health conditions too. There are other many skin conditions worth noticing for. And if you find them odd, you need to consult your dermatologist to make sure they are harmless.